Direct Mail

Almost any Design Firm, Graphic Design House, or Ad Agency is capable
of designing a postcard or direct mail piece for a client, but their creation is just ‘junk mail’ unless it crosses the desk of a key decision maker – and that’s where Creative Genius Communications Inc. really delivers.

In addition to providing our clients with a first-class message, married to
the ‘perfect’ visual element, we also ensure that your message is delivered to your target audience where they Work and Play.

Our comprehensive understanding of Demographics, Statistics and Consumer Behavior allows our firm to target your sales message effectively, while forgoing the high costs associated with overspill, which
is often a symptom of poorly planned execution.

Over the years, our firm has forged alliances with: Printers, Fulfillment Houses, and Geomatics Professionals, whose combined talents allow us to provide you with a post-card mailing/campaign that will truly out deliver.

If you are considering using Post Cards or direct mail as an element of your marketing communications mix, call Creative Genius Communications for a quote, and we’ll be sure your message gets delivered!

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