Business Cards

For all of their seven square inches, business cards speak volumes about you and your firm. Whether you care to acknowledge it or not, people make judgments about you, your company and the perceived quality of the products you are offering – often, on little more than their impression
of your business card.

Business cards for this very reason should be very carefully designed, as they communicate far more than just your contact information. The choice
of paper, the color, the typeface, the placement of the message, all of these factors combine to help the prospect build a mental picture of you and your company’s products.

Effective business cards are capable of standing out in a Rolodex or card-file, and are capable of generating a higher number of in-bound calls and inquiries for your firm’s products and services.

So before rushing off to Business Depot, Kinko’s or Office Max to have 500 cards printed for $29.95, think long and hard about how you want your firm to be perceived by prospects, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders,
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