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Embassy West Hotel, Conference Centre: Hotelier

The Embassy West Hotel, Conference Centre in Ottawa wished to promote
their meeting and conference facilities to small and mid-sized firms located
in the National Capital Region (NCR).

Given that Ottawa’s own Chamber of Commerce membership is comprised
from a large cross-section of small to mid-sized firms – the Ottawa
Chamber of Commerce newsletter was selected as the delivery vehicle for
the EWH’s yet to be developed “Where Small Business hosts BIG Events’

Our creative team set to work on designing a series of co-coordinated print
and web site materials in support of our client’s wish to be better
recognized as a venue for the staging of meetings and conferences.

Through the course of developing the deliverables our team also developed
the slogan “Where Small Business hosts BIG events” for use by our client.
This promotional effort also marked the launch of the Embassy West Hotel,
Conference Centre’s official ‘Rewards Card’ program.